Salma's Reflection

When I was first introduced into making a text portrait, i thought I would have been terrible. Like always I underestimated my ability to create art using photoshop. In this particular assignment, I learned a lot more abut photoshop that I did before. For example, learned how to use the quick selection tool for better and faster erasing the background of the image. Also, learned how to create a layer mask to create a 1 pixel border around the stamped words. The last major thing that I learned in photoshop in this assignment is the Marquee tool which is used to select anything of a similar color around the image. Yes I would feel comfortable doing this project again on my own because I have really memorized a lot of the major steps and if I were to complete this project again, I would only have a minimum amount of problems. The most difficult part of this assignment in my opinion would be to posterizing the image and not making it to dark. For example, when I first posterized my image the only real color that took up the whole image was black. This caused me to have too posterize the image with ,any different types of brightness every time to make the image ‘perfect.’ The most enjoyable part of this assignment was changing the colors of the original black and white copy. This gave me a lot of options of how I want the image to look and what message I want the viewer to receive. This also gave me the time to look through all the different color hues and shades in the warm and cool category. If I were to do this project differently, I would chose different words to express myself. For instance, instead of using words to describe the writing side of me, I would use words to just express myself. This project related to the concept of the American Dream because the words that I used to stamp myself with were all things that I want in life, my American Dream. These words are a way to express what I want in life, what I need to succeed. All of the words that were chosen all mean something special to me and will always play a role in my life. This project expressed everyone’s dream in life and even though its just a bunch of words on a picture, there will still be something special about it. The dream is what people want to succeed in, its what they want in life. The words that I chose to bold were, writer, story, and message. I chose these words because these are the words that mean the most to me. The word writer is the goal that I want to achieve in life, its my all time dream that I would strive to make reality as long as I can. The word story is what I am trying to convey in this image, my story that I want to share through words. The word message is what I want to show in my writing, what I want people to see through my writing. The words that I chose to italicize is pursue and express because of the value that these words hold. In addition, these words are things that I want to do when achieving my American Dream. I want to express myself through my writing, but also pursue my dreams in life. The word that I chose to underline is fantasy because my dream sometimes seems like a fantasy. Sometimes I think that being a writer is hopeless because there are billions of people who can write in the world and only a few are able to make it and tell their stories and convey their messages. For each word I chose a different font because it was a way to match what the word meant. For example, for the word writer, I used a type writer font to get the point of writing across. Also, for the word fantasy, I used a very old once upon a time font to show that whimsical storytelling message. The color scheme that is my favorite is monocromatic because there are so many different shades of purple that really higlight how important the words are through how deeper the color gets. I also like how the outside words fade nicely into the background and it really dispalys how dramatic the words and what the text portrait is about. In conclusion, this text portrait helped me realize that anybody’s dreams are ubtainable with the correct mind set and how I can excel in Photoshop.

Caitlyn's Reflection

I learned how to use color overlay and how to use the adjustments to my advantage. To be honest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this project again on my own, because there were many, many steps. Something that was confusing about this project was keeping track of all my different layers. I was able to overcome this challenge by labeling my layers. I enjoyed choosing the words that would be used in this project from my paragraph. If I could do this project again, I would choose a different picture because this picture gave me a lot of problems when I had to go from color to black and white. My project relates to the American Dream, because many of the people that go on to pursue the American Dream leave their pride in their home country. They prepare themselves for the prejudice that they are going to face. They still represent their home country, but they learn how to deal with other peoples’ opinions about them and soon learn that what other people think/say about you doesn’t matter. I can’t remember which fonts I used during this project, because I used many different ones. My favorite color scheme is the monochromatic colors.

Elay's Reflection

When I first heard of photoshop I thought that it was only used to crop two photos together in order to make political jokes, but now I have seen that you can do so much more with this program. I have seen that photoshop is more about making things that would normally be impossible to do possible. I would most definitely do this project on my own again just because of the fact that it is so fun to do. I really like how you can read the words and still see the image behind the words. I think what I enjoyed the most was when I was playing around with all the color combinations because it made the pictures look more vivid and bright. If I were to do this project again I wuld probably get another photo that has more contrast in it so that I can get mroe details. I also wouldn’t use six words, made three or four. This project relates to my idea of the American Dream because it has always been one of my dreams to write a story of how living life in a family of bipolars and crazy people has strengthened me psycologically, but weakened me emotionally. I choose to bold the words OCD, Bipolar and Memoir because of the fact that I want to write a memoir about being compulsive and bipolar. I choose to italic Outcast and Casuel because I also felt that being the outcast in most situatuions that I’m in has helped me to mantain a casuel additude that has helped me hide my emotions. And I choose to underline Greek Orthodox becuase the base of my life story revolves around being around relegous Greek people who have tried the best they can to make me believe in the Gree gods (to no sucess). I choose all of these words becuase they all reltae to each other in some way. For example, refusing to conform to Greek Orthodox has caused me to be an outcast, which in turn has lead to me to create a caseul mood to hide my feelings of rejection, which lead me to also use this caseul mojo to combact my compulsiveness and bipolar striken mind (and I want to write a memoir about all of this!). The fonts that I choose where to represent each word differently. For OCD I used a font that made it looked very neat and tidy; for bipolar I used a font that looked like it had no rythem and was just all over the place; for memoir I used the American Typewriter font in order to suggest that I am going to write a story; for outcast and casuel I choose a swirly, lay-backed font, as if to say “Everything is cool, man”; and for Greek Orthodox I used, obvouisly, and Greek looking font in order to protray my Greek background. I choose my mirrowed warm-and-cool color scheme as my favourtite because it just shows how bipolar I can be (from hyper to calm) and also because i love the color combinations that I used.

Johana's Reflection

I learned how to use text to make a portrait. And its really cool to do and pretty easy. I would feel pretty comfortable doing this project again on my own, because it looks cool and I could do with other people not just me. ( Meaning I can make a text portrait of others ) The confusing/ difficult thing for me during this process was when we first learned how to do this and everything was just confusing but after doing it a few times I got the hang of everything. I enjoyed making myself into words! If I can do this project again I would use another picture and make it more happy instead of dramatic:) This relates to the american dream because people have to struggle to get what they want its not easy, and you always have to have hope. I chose the word struggle to be bold because everything is a struggle now a days. In italicize I chose never enough because sometimes what you think is enough to you isn’t for others. And the word I underlined was love, because love is love, everyone needs it in their lives. I forgot the font that I used as my text. The color scheme that I would say is my favorite would be the portrait and the cool because 1. i love blue and the portrait looks so cool :)

Xing-Hong's Reflection 

In this text self-portrait, I learned many knowledge in photoshop. Such as using the marquee tool, create word brushes, use the marquee tool to select similar so we can stamp in the area, defined paragraph pattern for the background, use layer mask and many more. I feel very comfortable doing the project again on my own because through out the project, I had been repeating steps over and over again until I got the effect I want. There are many confusion and difficulties during the process since it was my first time doing the project, there are many times I got confuse on which layer I should work on. For example, I have been stamping the words on the background layer when I am suppose to stamp on a separate layer. Due to this mistake, I have to redo everything over, but I also learn to do everything on a separate layer so I won’t repeat my mistake again. Overall, I enjoy most of the project, but I especially like the part where we are stamping the words in to form the picture. This part allows me to try different ideas, such as using different opacity, size, and where to put each word so they stands out. If I did this project again I word use multiple layers when I stamp different words, so when I need to change the color, it would be different color rather than one single color. My Project relate to the idea of the American Dream because the words that I use defined who I am, and how people accept me because of the way I am. Some people are treated as outcast because of their identity, and their dream is to have people accept them. Especially in country like United States, people are mix with different race and different culture from all over the world, so when people are able to find themselves or fits themselves into the society, they have success in communication.

I put “Independ” from independent bold, life bold, and passion bold. I put these because it shows my personality as independent and have passion in things. I put dream and bright in Italicized because it shows a relationship between the word dream and bright. Lastly, I put Faith underlined because I feel like I have faith in doing things. I pick similar front for each word because when I stamp the words, it doesn’t look messy but neat. I like the original black and white the most, but I also like the cool and warm color picture because it reflects different emotions.

Kelsey's Reflection

During this project I learned how to create patterns and brush presets by going to edit and clicking define brush preset and define pattern. Also I learned how to use color overlay in each layer. I also learned what warm, cool, monochromatic colors were. I do feel comfortable doing this project again on my own because its easier now that I have learned from my mistakes. I also have the sheets that told us the specific directions and working on it a second time would mean that I have less questions. I found stamping both the picture and outside the picture difficult during the process because they weren’t visible and legible. I enjoyed adding the color to the image using color overlay because it was interesting to see what colors go well together. If I did this project again I would change the font of the words that I used because I feel that there are better fonts that fit the word better. My project relates to the idea of the American Dream because my project was based on my dreams and what I wish to accomplish when I grow older. I mentioned what I learned when I was little and how I want to apply my experiences to my future by helping others. The words that I chose to bold were ambitious, Peru, judgement, and culture. The words that I chose to italicize were travel and open minded and the words that I underlined was learn new values. I choose these words because I am ambitious and I learned from the Peruvian culture that judgement can cause people harm. It encouraged me to want to travel the world and be open minded to learning new values. The font that I chose for my text was sometimes bold and easy to read because its what I learned to be and where I learned it from. The other fonts represent my future and what I want to be when I am older. The color scheme I chose as my favorite was the brown because I feel that the colors that I chose fit in well together.

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